Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum pouches from MuHeSa meet high quality standards, increase the preservability and maintain the freshness of the packaged goods.

MuHeSa vacuum pouches are made from suitable for food use  PA / PE foil and are free form plastisizers. Our transparent standard vacuum pouches - smooth or textured – are constucted from a PA/PE composite film (polyamide / polyethylene), which makes them especially strong and tear-resistant.

Vacuum pouches are ideal packaging solution for sausage, cheese, fish, vegetables as well as banknotes, coins and other items.


Vacuum Pouches



Embossed vacuum pouches - textured bags, bags with structure

We supply embossed/ textured (with a criss-crossing pattern ) vacuum pouches for domestic vacuum sealers.  

The embossed pouch is placed in front of the sealer , air escapes through the criss-cross pattern layer.

Air can not escape from a smooth vacuum pouch sealed with a domestic vacuum sealer. Smooth vacuum pouches are not suitable for that kind of appliances.





Smooth vacuum pouches - for industry

Smooth PA/PE vacuum pouches can be used with any vacuum chamber packaging machine. 

All industrial vacuum packaging machines are suitable for use with smooth vacuum pouches.

The pouch goes into the vacuum chamber, where enclosed air can easily escape.




Our Tip: MuHeSa also provides vacuum sealers!

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Vacuum pouches with texture

vaccum pouch with textrurevacuum pouch with texture

  • suitable for all domestic vacuum sealers
  • PA/PE transparent
  • foil with texture


Vacuum pouch (none-ribbed)

Vacuum pouches smoothVakuumbeutel-transparent-fuer-Fleisch

  • suitable for all vacuum chamber packaging machines
  • PA20 / PE70 transparent
  • for food use
  • plastisizers-free