Aroma-sealed Packaging




Aroma-sealed packaging


Aroma-sealed packaging from MuHeSa ist reliable and versatile.

All our items from this range are suitable for use with food products. We provide a wide variety of packaging solution for:

  • cereals
  • nuts and seed
  • sweets
  • coffee ground or roasted
  • liquids
  • powder
  • and much more


Stand up pouches and doypack

​Stand up pouches provide aroma and light barrier. MuHeSa holds in stock transparent and opaque stand up pouches as well as stand up pouches with window. All stand up pouches are equipped with tear notches and zip closure.


Coffee packaging

Do you need packaging for ground or roasted coffee? Our coffee packaging is equipped with a one-way degassing valve. Roasted coffee especially is prone to degassing and requires valve packaging. MuHeSa provides various coffee packaging from 250 to 1.000 gram.


Tea packaging

Tea packaging must not only be appealing, it has to be airtight particularly. Our 3-layered tea bags are suitable even for the most sensitive type of tea. The outer layer of polyprophylene combined with the inner layer of suitable for food PET film preserve aroma for several weeks.


Paper block bottom bags

A very ecological packaging solution for foods like cereal, nuts or powder. Paper block bottom bags with or without window help you to create a positive natural image of your product with the customer. 


OPP bags - block bottom bags, cross bottom bags

Our OPP block bottom bags are an ideal packaging solution for sweets, chocolate or pastries and much more. Our OPP bags range also contains cross bottom bags, side gusseted bags and flat bags, so you can choose an optimal packaging type to meet your purposes.


Vacuum pouches

Did you know that vacuum packaged food could last over 24 months if well processed? Made from a PA/ PE film, our vacuum pouches are extra tear-resistant and suitable for refrigeration and deep-freezing.