Quad Seal Coffee Bag


This ideal coffee packaging solution protects your end product from moisture, oxygen, light and scents.  Produced from a multi-layer laminated film, this packaging ensures that the quality of roasted coffee is preserved. The product stays fresh for a longer time, the aroma is preserved.


Gas vacuumizing becomes superfluous in case of valve packaging. The one-way degassing valve completely protects coffee from oxygen (O2) while at the same time releasing the CO2 gas from the package.


With proper storage, the minimum shelf life for barrier packaged foods is 11 to 13 months.


✓ suitable for food use

✓ high aroma barrier

✓ UV protection for coffee

✓ colors: white, gold, silver, red, black


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Coffee packaging is available for custom options such as custom sizes and styles, custom printing or custom labels with your company logo.

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Coffee bags with valve

Coffee packaging | with valveKaffeeverpackung-mit-Ventil

  • Block bottom bag typ

  • for food contact

  • for roasted coffee


Packaging for roasted coffee with valve

Coffee bags with valve and side gusset

coffee pouches  | mit AromaventilKaffeeverpackung-Aromaschutz

  • side gussett bag

  • for food contact

  • Aromaschutz für Röstkaffee


bags with a degassing valve - to package ground

or whole coffee beans and preserve the aroma


flat bottom bag with aroma valve

Flat bottom bag with ValveKaffeebeutel_mit_Druckverschluss_und_Ventil

  • with zip lock - recloseable

  • for food contact

  • aroma barrier for roasted coffee


Packaging for roasted coffe 


stand up pouch with aroma valve

Stand up pouch with valvestand up pouch coffee bag

  • with zip lock

  • for food contact

  • for roasted coffee


high barrier bags for fresh roasted coffee

side gusset bags with valve

side gusset bag with Valvebag for coffee - side gusset

  • with side welding

  • for food contact

  • aroma barrier for roasted coffee


Packaging for roasted coffe