Pallet Safety




Packaging materials for palletizing and cargo securing


Transport securing is important because it provides protection for your goods from damage and dirt. MuHeSa supplíes all necessary components for you to prepare safe transportation for your goods.


Pallet  and cargo securing saves your time and costs for subsequent extra work!


Stretch film & hand-stretch film

Hand-stretch film from MuHeSa is very flexible and resilient. Fix the contents on the pallet so that the packaged goods will not shift or fall down during loading.


Shrink covers

PE-covers can shrink, which saves time during packaging process. The shrink cover is put over the pallet, followed by processing in a shrink tunnel or with a shrink gun. The shrink film encloses the conveying goods and secures them for the transportation.


Gusseted pallet covers

Gusseted pallet covers & gusseted sacks can be used either as dust protection over the pallet or as liner for a pallet cage to contain small parts. MuHeSa offers gusseted pallet covers made from LDPE film in transparent, opaque, UV-resistant, antistatic or anticorrosive.


Delivery note pouches

Self adhesive delivery note pouches for paperwork, delivery notes or invoices can be placed easily and securely on your parcel or pallet. You can choose from our standard range document pouch suitable for your purposes.